To My Writing Partner


TPF tea caddy


Together since our urge to write grew strong,

You are the friend on whom I can rely

To read my work and tell me I’m not wrong.

One day it’s bound to catch an agent’s eye.

Then it’s my turn to do the same for you;

To soften your despair as you do mine

When bland rejection slips offer no clue

And pain is soothed with chocolate and wine.

Likewise we celebrate each small success.

Your slogan wins a year’s supply of tea.

My pithy letter in the local press

Earns praise from you; much sweeter than a fee.

Our friendship will endure through space and time,

Unless your novel’s published before mine!

This sonnet won the 2006 poetry competition for a free place at The Writers' Summer School, Swanwick, and was the start of my annual attendance there.