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The opening shot!


The role of a television ‘extra’ is to merge into the background, often as a blur. Here I am again, strolling down Main Street, Emmerdale with a colleague. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Having said that, some scenes require a great many takes. That street is steeper than it looks on screen and it’s a fair distance from the bus shelter at the top to the shop at the bottom. Free to choose ‘sensible’ shoes for myself, I really don’t covet the vertiginous heels worn by some of the ladies in the cast. They look wonderful, but practical they are not!

1 August, 2014 - There are 2 comments on this story

  1. It’s nice to have a famous friend 🙂

    Gayda Jackson -

  2. I wish! I’ve more chance of writing an international best seller than becoming a television star.

    Maggie Cobbett -

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