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A sunny day in Emmerdale

After all the snow we’ve had in North Yorkshire this year, it was a real pleasure to bask in some spring sunshine. Filming goes on five days a week in all weathers, so cast, crew and ‘extras’ are a hardy bunch, but smiles were definitely broader this afternoon. Maybe the fact that the weekend was looming also had something to do with it!

Emmerdale sign

The shoot coincided with the birthday of one of the children in the cast, who had brought along a huge cake to share with everyone. I do admire the professionalism of these young actors and the sterling work put in by their chaperones.

Emmerdale shop

My main task today was to wander down the street with my Emmerdale partner – a lovely man whose blushes I’ll spare here, but you can look out for us together on the show – and examine the vegetables on the stand outside the shop. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

In case you’re wondering, the clothes are my own and I’m indebted to a talented friend for the pretty scarf she gave me for Christmas. As Emmerdale is set in present time, I’m informed in advance what sort of thing to wear. However, as episodes are filmed several weeks before transmission, this takes some careful planning when I’m deciding what to take along. Each outfit has to reflect the supposed season while still catering for the vagaries of North Yorkshire weather!


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