Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. I hope that you'll return often and always find something of interest about my world and what inspires me to pick up a pen. (This is a figure of speech, unfortunately. My handwriting is terrible!) Here's what I've been up to recently...

York Writers Anthology



Yes, I know. I’d have given the title an apostrophe too, but it was an editorial decision.

That said, the anthology is hot off the presses and a great read. Twenty-five stories and poems have been contributed by members of York Writers. Between us, I hope that we’ve catered for all tastes. Well, not quite all, but a fair few.

My own story, No Time For Contemplation, is about a puppy farmer getting her comeuppance – and not before time either! Anyone who exploits helpless animals is a villain in my book – books, actually. (One of the characters in my novel Shadows of the Past comes to a very unpleasant end, although his callous attitude to creatures that he considers to be vermin is only one of his crimes.)

Anyway, we of York Writers hope to raise our profile through this collection, which is available through Amazon and will also be on sale at our Showcase Event at York Theatre Royal next week. Please come along and support us.


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Promoting Yorkshire Authors next event



Tomorrow evening will see us in the De Grey Rooms, next to York Theatre Royal.

Writing a book is only the first step on what can be a long and rocky road.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers and hope to pick up a few pointers ourselves from the other writers we welcome to this session.


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HUB at York Theatre Royal

Forget the Edinburgh Fringe! York Literature Festival has its HUB, an opportunity for local writers of all kinds to shine alongside the main events.


On Monday 20th March, the Promoting Yorkshire Authors group, (some of us are shown above), will be joining York Novelists  to share our experiences of different paths to publication.


We hope that as many other writers as possible will come along to join us and add their own experiences to the mix.


York Literature Festival 2017 YW poster photographs

On Wednesday, 29th March, York Writers will present a Showcase of members’ work and I’m looking forward to reading a short story from my Anyone For Murder? collection.

York Literature Festival 2017 YW poster books

Other contributions will be many and various. (Not all of them met the deadline for the posters!) It will be a very entertaining evening and we hope for a good turn out. Alongside the other books, copies of our new anthology should be on sale. It’s just about ready to go to press, so fingers are firmly crossed at the moment. Watch this space!



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A Double Whammy!


The March 2017 issues of these popular Yorkshire magazines feature two very different contributions from the Cobbett household.

The Dalesman has a ‘filler’ in its ‘Signs and Wonders’ column, a rather unsavoury gem captured by my husband last autumn when he dropped me off in Malton for the Ryedale Book Festival. Has he been reading my Easy Money For Writers And Wannabes, I wonder?

Down Your Way, which specialises in nostalgia, has my article about family mementos. We probably have far more than our fair share of those!


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Thanks, Edwin!



I’m indebted to fellow member Edwin Rydberg for this great image, which has already appeared on www.promotingyorkshireauthors.com

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News Flash!

Shadows cover

Following advice from several writer friends, I’ve decided to set up a Facebook page for my novel ‘Shadows of the Past’. I’ll be posting notes on the background to the story and the items featured on the cover, regular updates on promotional events and even the odd competition. You’ll find it all at https://www.facebook.com/maggiecobbettnovelist/

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