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Anyone For Murder?

A selection of short murder mysteries to keep you guessing until the very end, with a better blurb to be added here at some point probably. Exclusive to Amazon Kindle. Download free reader apps here.

Stories In This Collection

Too Much Blood On The Axminster
An elusive carpet fitter gets his just desserts. This story won a competition run by the Ackrill Media Group in conjunction with the 2011 Theakston's Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival.

A Helping Hand
One last hope for a man on the edge?

The High Price Of A Smile
A secret deal goes horribly wrong.

Murder In The Second Act
A murder mystery weekend provides the ideal opportunity for an old score to be settled. This story was originally published in The Weekly News as part of The New Adventures of Dandy McLean.

Anyone for Murder?
An arrogant actor faces the final curtain.

Eye Of Newt And Toe Of Frog
A pop star with a passion for blondes gets more than he bargained for.

Nothing On Her Conscience
A beautiful librarian is not what she seems, but does she deserve to die?

Reviews From Amazon

"This is a neat little collection of stories. Murder, it seems, can have a humorous ending, but like any dagger in the back, beware of that twist. As the stories unfold, it's clear the author enjoys black humour but as the collection continues there are some stories that chill. If you like your murder the Midsomer way, then this will be for you."

"A pacy collection of short stories, each with a theme of murder yet very individual tales. From a piece of flash fiction to more detailed plots that thicken as you read the twist in the tail catches you unawares every time without feeling the reader cheated. Great to dip into when you have time to yourself."

"If you like your murders short, sharp and definitely NOT sweet then this is the book for you. Each story twists at the end in an unexpected way. A great little book for dipping into when you're not in the mood for a novel."